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80296 SIDE BY SIDE DISP BLK (x 1 unit) - SKU 245548

$27.26  (= $27.26 ea)



OptiCore® Dubl Dispenser
The 2-roll tissue dispenser is ideal for high-capacity controlled-use environments.
EcoSoft™ OptiCore tissue products minimise maintenance time and maximise cost savings
When one roll of tissue is finished, simply turn the dial to advance to the next roll
Locking cover to prevent pilferage and waste

Product Codes:
OptiCore Revolution Dispenser
Black: 80396
Dimensions: 37x18x38cm
Weight: Approximately 1.9kg
SUITABLE FOR 61990 toilet rolls
All Markets

NB: Dispensers will be only supplied when loan agreement policy has been approved, and the appropriate corresponding product is purchased to match dispenser. Up to the dis-cession of Westco.